Our Capability

+ Quality operation phase:
The quality as demonstrated by the ISO 9000, 2000 version and ISO 9002 certification granted to its main manufacturing plant in China.
Our products have undergone internal and external evaluations, including meeting FDA and CE requirements, ISO requirements and the rigors of clinical trials at several testing labs.
We have implemented a number of analytical and testing protocols to ensure top quality, including at subcontractors, to further ensure thorough quality control.
Our dedication to quality extends beyond manufacturing to every aspect of its development, operation, including service.

+ Logistic / Delivery phase
We utilizes ERP and electronic ordering system to link and ensure the order and shipping process is managed efficiently.
By reducing turnaround times in all steps of its workflow, customer needs can be fulfilled with actual products or services in with increasing speed.
Speeding up and apply to qualification processes, eliminating bureaucratic delays and further ensuring that we technological innovations can benefit customers after they are developed.

+ Responsiveness phase
Commitment to customer satisfaction is also reflected in our stance on quality, which is defined by customer requirements and demand.
Our global network of branches and operations centers also helps achieve customer satisfaction by making the company more responsive to customer's local needs, and providing quicker and more comprehensive service.
We have a professional and dedicated Technical Support team for innovation and design improving in both California and China.

+ Cost efficiency phase
Our engineering team is from customer-satisfaction product request and design-in stage to think about cost factors, and build up customer affordable-cost products into market when it be delivered to customer hand.
In whole manufacturing process, we dedicate ourselves in each production process to see the quality still but cost down possibility factors.
We offer the adequate training program to all employees to enhance working and employment ability. Through knowledge building we can feedback the benefit to upgrade the efficiency.
We focus in overall cost efficiency concept to see the cost improvement. Not only single point or phase of cost down determination,but also analysis the root-cause to other unpredictable dangerous cost high.

+ Engineering Development phase
We commit to delivering better life solutions that precisely meet customer requirements for features, reliability, safety and quality in engineering phase.
Our user-friendly products that build up a process in program.
We always think ergonomic and green brainstorming discussion in team when products developed.
We research, source and alliance the technology in the medical field and passionate into our product.