Luxury Mulberry Folding Cane

+ [HMC46P-C1] Luxury Mulberry Folding Cane
  • Metallic Purple finish with purple handle is a classic design with a smooth and mature finish and a sense of timeless fashion.
  • Crystal decorated cane ring offers a refined and artistic touch to the design. Height adjustments in 1 inch increment from 33'' to 37".
  • Comes in an elegant gift box and a specially designed flannelette pouch. Perfect as a gift for the loved ones.
  • Easily folded for convenient storage and extended to locking position. Ergonomically designed handle provides maximum comfort while in use.
  • Anodized aluminum body with added thickness provides maximum safety and endurance while remaining lightweight.
Product Description: 

For the loved ones and the special ones - the Ez2care special edition folding canes are designed by our exclusive artists, giving your cane a completely new and fashionable look. Holding a cane is no longer just a walking aid, it's a statement! Wrapped in an elegant gift box and pouch, this special edition cane is an ideal gift for any holiday! Comes with the fashionable new look is what Ez2care has always emphasized: high quality and safety. Newly designed locking mechanism allows easy and smooth folding/extension for convenient storage and usage, suitable for the elderly and strengthens the structure. Ergonomically designed handle is contoured to fit the shape of the palm and relieve pressure from wrist. Extra thick anodized aluminum body wall provides maximum safety and endurance while remaining lightweight and allows a slimmer design. Height adjustments from 33'' to 37'' accommodate users with different heights. Easily folds into four sections and can be conveniently stored in a black canvas bag. Supports up to 250 pounds. Limited lifetime warranty

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