Champagne Pink Folding Cane

+ [HMC43K-C1] Champagne Pink Folding Cane
  • Special champagne pink offers a classy and soothing look to the cane
  • Easily folded for convenient storage and extended to locking position
  • Height adjustments in 1 inch increment from 33 inch to 37 inch; Fit 5/8 inch shaft cane tip
  • Anodized aluminum body provides maximum safety and endurance while remaining lightweight
  • Come with hand strap and pouch for easily carry
Product Description: 

Champagne pink color offers a classy and soothing look to the cane. Anodized aluminum body with ergonomically designed grip handle together provide the user with maximum safety and comfort while exhibiting high quality and sustainability. Height adjustments from 33 inch to 37 inch accommodate users with different heights. Easily folds into four sections and can be conveniently stored in a black canvas bag. Supports up to 250 pound. Limited lifetime warranty.

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